5 Things that might be damaging your productivity at work

Before beginning this post, I have some questions for you that will set the stage for reading this article. Are you satisfied with your performance at work? Do you think you are able to give your best? And, the most important one — are you able to do more in less time?

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All these questions have direct relation with your productivity. Level of productivity not only affects an employee’s overall performance, but also has an impact on the organization he/she works for.

So, improving productivity is crucial for employees as well as for the company. A good organization not only monitors the productivity of its employees, but also introduces new ways to ensure that it remains insanely high. And there are many other factors that affect this important aspect of worklife.

In this article, I am going to talk about the factors that are affecting your productivity in a negative way. So let us take a look without wasting any time further -

Do you know that relationship with your boss has a huge impact on your productivity? You will never feel comfortable at your workplace, if you have problems with your immediate supervisor. And if you are not comfortable, it will affect your work quality.

Employees face different problems when their supervisor doesn’t give credit to them, makes negative comments and always put blame on them. That is why it’s required to address such issues as soon as possible.

A boss/supervisor needs to understand that instructing employees is not sufficient. It’s also important to develop good relationship with them. They should take some time out to appreciate, motivate and encourage employees when they have done some good job.

We often hear that one should keep one’s personal and professional life separate. And, this is absolutely right. But, the problem is that it’s not easy to manage. Employees living with their family have to manage a lot of stuff at home. Similarly, if you are living alone things become even more messed up when it comes to personal-professional life balance. And all this leads to them being not able to focus entirely on the job.

Now, the question is how to resolve this. There are plenty of ways in which an organization can help the employee in this regard. Human Resource Managers can help such employees with proper consultation here. Even team managers can play a big role here, by giving the team members some time to sort their personal life.

These small things can make a big difference in getting the balance between personal and professional life right.

Work stress is something very normal. When you have so much to do within deadlines, you work stress is quite normal. Extra workload not only affects the quality of work, but also deteriorates health and confidence of employees. Although there are employees who are able to perform well even under pressure, but not everyone is same. There are others who simply crumble under stress.

This is where an organization, or a manager, should make sure that the employees don’t face extra workload. Ensuring equal distribution of work can help to solve this problem.

Plus using the right technology to get rid of too much manual labor can work great here. For instance, rather than sticking to the old school email volleyball using a project management software to ensure smooth workflow in teams can be a great idea.

Communication problem is another factor that leads to decreased productivity. When teams are working, a clear flow in communication is imperative. Or else confusion is bound to rise, leading to tasks and projects getting messed up. Clearly defined goals and deadlines play a major role here.

Not just project related communication, but communication at internal level should also be transparent. Higher management ought to be approachable for everyone. This instills a level of trust in every team member.

Whenever they have any ideas or any issues to report, they can go ahead and directly share it with the management. And team members won’t hesitate to go that extra mile to deliver the projects for such an organization.

When employees suffer from some health issues, they are less likely to give their best at work. Health issues not only mean physical sickness. A major concern of today’s stressful work environment is the rise of mental stress on the employees. This is where the job of an organization becomes critical.

If you want to retain your best people, and keep them going long and strong, you need to invest in keeping them in good shape, both physical as well as mental. Healthcare allowance, membership to fitness centre, meditation training, consultation sessions with psychiatrists and/or psychologists etc., as an organization you can do a lot to ensure your teams are always up and running with full zeal.

These were a few factors that might be hampering your productivity. In today’s stressful scenario, each employee is bound to face any one of the issues mentioned above or more than one. And that could be the reason why they are unable to give their 100% at work.

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If you, as a manager, are looking for ways to boost your team’s productivity, then I’d recommend to see do what’s leading to their decline in productivity. And then work on the solution part.

Sandeep Kashyap is the Founder of ProofHub. You can connect with him onTwitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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