6 powerful tools for a remote entrepreneur

Sandeep Kashyap
4 min readJul 31, 2017

Being an entrepreneur is a big challenge in itself. When you talk about being a Remote Entrepreneur, who has works and deals with teams remotely, the toughness of the challenge automatically increases several fold.

But there is one thing that can make the life of a remote entrepreneur easy and that thing is the ability to choose the right set of tools. Here is a compilation of 6 powerful tools that can make life easy for an entrepreneur running a remote team -

1. ProofHub

Bring your remote teams under one roof!

Remote teams are isolated physically, but that does not mean they have to remain isolated mentally as well. ProofHub is the one tool that brings everything together.

From carrying out online discussions to assigning multiple people to a single task, to collaboration across creative works using a proofing tool, there is so much that the tool has at offer. There is Gantt chart to keep an eye on employee progress, automatic timer and timesheets to track each minute spent working, to Workflows and boards and Reports, ProofHub brings everything together under one roof.

2. Box

Secure, share and edit all your files from anywhere.

Documentation is the most critical aspect of a business. When you are running a remote team, it becomes an even bigger challenge to keep your files and documents centralized and organized.

That’s exactly what Box helps you achieve. Collaboration, content management, security, mobility and what not — you get it all with this powerful app, making it a must have for remote entrepreneurs.

3. HipChat

Let your communications be clean as a whistle.

Poor communication is the reason why more than one third of the IT projects fail. When the scenario is a typical work atmosphere is this bad, then you can easily imagine how critical it would be for remote entrepreneurs to ensure clear communication within the team.

HipChat is that one tool that lets you and your remote team communicate without any interruptions. From Group chat and video chat to screen sharing and top security, HipChat has got all the features that a remote team needs to maintain seamless flow in communication.

4. iDoneThis

Powerful progress reports to run remote teams.

What’s done? What’s getting done? And, what cannot be done? Where’s the status report? Finding answer to these questions when you are working with a remote team can eat up a big chunk of your time. iDoneThis helps you save that precious time.

The app automatically sends an email asking the things you have completed during the day. In the same way, it also has the options to get auto-generated team reports providing you a quick view of what they have managed to accomplish during this period. You won’t have to rely on those one-on-one manual email reports that consumed quite a lot of your time.

5. Pocket

Don’t miss out on reading all the important stuff

We all have been through situations where we found something really interesting on the web, but did not have the time to read it. And, the next time when you began searching for it, it was to be found nowhere. Pocket is a simple, yet innovative app that brings end to this problem.

As an entrepreneur you need to keep your knowledge updated on a constant basis. The best way to do it is by reading a lot. Pocket lets you save all the important links that you might come across at one place, so that you can read them later whenever you want to. Not just for articles, but you can save the links for videos as well and watch them later whenever you have time.

6. FreshBooks

Streamline time tracking and client invoicing

The ultimate motive of a business is to make money. To do this in the most efficient possible manner you need to have access to the accurate data about how many hours you and your team is spending at work. That’s exactly what FreshBooks is all about.

You can gather all your invoicing data online using this application, and prepare invoices in the minimum possible time. Features like customized invoicing, expense tracking, option to accept payments, time tracking, accounts, reports and taxation and lot more make it a must have tool especially for remote entrepreneurs.

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