7 Steps To Enhance Collaboration in Your Team

What Is Teamwork?

Every organization has versatile personalities. Some employees have a good hold of one concept and surpass others easily while others make a determined struggle to know the basics. But taking along all of them and working towards a common goal is teamwork.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. -Hellen Keller

Many Minds But One Thought — TEAMWORK

In order to enhance business operations, to get a job done successfully and increase productivity, team collaboration is important. Being a CEO, I know Team Building is a lot more than offsite events and trips in a pricey hotel. Many companies make the mistake of only investing a huge amount of money to build a winning team and bolster team spirit within their employees. But they forget that the bonds build on those small trips in expensive hotels can’t withhold the day-to-day work pressures.

A strong team is the backbone of every successful business. A core set of fundamentals define a good team and compile a great team. No matter how much you focus on the advancement of an individual, but the achievements of a group are always greater than an individual’s.

So, what’s important?


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The magic happens when that group of people works together as a team.

“There is no such thing as a self-made man. You will reach your goals only with the help of others.”

-George Shinn

10 Easy Steps to Improve Teamwork Skills At Workplace

1. Set A Path And Choose A Cause

Working without a proper direction and orientation is like a sailor who boards a ship without a rudder.

Explain your team members the mission of your company. They can’t hold the true essence of the mission and vision of the company reading on the website. To attract the right mindset of your team members, you need to communicate a clear and motivating purpose.

Conduct a short session for your team where you talk about the cause of starting this project and elaborate on the reason to be a part of the company mission.

Specify task goals in detail for the team and increase its engagement. Talk about the benefits they would reap on the success of the project. We are humans in any case, motivation drives our soul to do the hard work required.

2. Emphasise Their Strengths

Focus on the strong points of your team members. It is better to encourage them to work on their strengths instead of trying to work around their weaknesses. You can introduce employee training and skill upgradation programs such as technical skills and soft skills development training, and products and services training.

3. Motivate Them to Socialize

Encourage cohesion between your team members. There is a life outside gadgets as well. It gets easy to solve everyday workplace issues when you have a better understanding of your teammates’ strengths and weaknesses.

Cracking that code, identifying that bug takes less time and becomes easy when you know who is the right go-to person. Effective working relationships and workplace interactions reduce stress and make teams efficient to work during times of stress.

4. Use Team Collaboration Software

Working together as a team becomes easy with team collaboration software. There are multiple online team collaboration software to improve tracking work progress, converting ideas to results.

ProofHub manages timesheets for remote teams and clients via both Web and Mobile apps. If you have remote teammates working on a single project, ProofHub helps you collaborate with them effectively through instant messaging by not restricting you at all.

5. Make Sure The Correct Man Call The Shots

It is required that the right team leaders make decisions in an organization. Right team leaders mean the people who equally consider work and work relationships. Both of these perspectives are required at the right time to build a collaborative environment. A task-oriented leader is the need of the team when responsibilities are to be clarified of each team member and a series of tasks is to be performed.

The need for the relationship-oriented approach comes to picture after goals are achieved and the leader should focus on the relationships, facilitating interaction, the well-being of the team members and their satisfaction. The capability to switch from results-based thinking to a relationship-oriented mindset towards the team is what the employees look in their leader.

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6. Team-Based Reward Structure

Rewarding the entire team is the best way to encourage cooperation. Team-based activities enhance pro-social behaviours which result in increased capabilities, responsiveness, productivity, and flexibility of the team members. Rewarding all team members allows the integration of team goals and organizational objectives. Promoting the approach of giving incentives to the whole team supports ‘there is no I in the team.’

Also, we all know that ‘Teamwork makes the dream work.’ So, fueling the perception of team-based rewards strengthens teamwork and collaboration.

7. Be a Good Listener

Are you really hearing what your team is saying? Take their feedback and listen to what they say. We all want to feel heard. It makes us feel acknowledged and a valuable part of the team. It is like a little of this emotional nectar of acknowledgement that one wishes to receive even at the workplace. It is human nature. In good teams, members listen to one another. Empowered employees are more engaged.

All members of the team should equally contribute to the conversation and respect one another’s emotions too.

“We looked at 180 teams from all over the company. We had lots of data, but there was nothing showing that a mix of specific personality types or skills or backgrounds made any difference. The ‘who’ part of the equation didn’t seem to matter.’’ — Abeer Dubey, a manager in Google’s People Analytics division.

It has very less to do with ‘who’ is a part of the team. But all that matters is the way ‘how’ members interact with one another.

Bottom Line

Having a collaborative team is one of the most important business strategies. Build a stronger and more successful business with the help of a ‘team that works together.’ You can accomplish wonders when you make a team that functions cohesively.

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Internet Entrepreneur, CEO of SDP Labs and Founder of ProofHub

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Sandeep Kashyap

Sandeep Kashyap

Internet Entrepreneur, CEO of SDP Labs and Founder of ProofHub

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