Are you emotional enough to be intelligent: 5 signs which can tell you that

A thin line divides every good thing from the best. You may be confident but not self aware or you may be hardworking but not productive or you may be socially intelligent but not emotionally intelligent.

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Remember that the most common thing people almost always confuse about emotional intelligence is it being related to self awareness. But that’s only partially true. You need to be aware of the other person’s emotions, as well as yours, to make it work for you.

Here are 5 signs that can tell if you or someone else is emotionally intelligent or not.

You are blunt or churlish but good at heart, who cares. Words can incite emotions and using them properly to construct sentences is the first thing that you need to learn to become emotionally sound to others. People who are good at it can communicate disagreements effectively and provide genuine feedback without arousing dissent.

You try to understand people and then try to make yourself understood. Conflict arises when someone is not able to do that or tries to do one of the two things forcefully. Those who are able to create a balance of this understanding are more emotionally sound than others.

If you are struggling with emotional intelligence you hardly ever know your own emotional state let alone that of others. You need to make self visibility work for you and you will see that it will automatically start working for others.

To grow is to change continuously. If you know that doing something gets you frustrated and still keeps on doing it then it will always keep you on an edge. You need to create positive habits in your life and it begins by shedding the bad ones first. The biggest challenge that people will face in their life is knowing these activities and acting on them.

You can disagree with someone quite peacefully or you can have an emotional discussion that’s like really up in the flames. If you are emotionally sound you will be more productive and less chaotic. It is not at all imperative that you have to end a discussion in agreement just for the sake of a positive note. You can disagree and still respect the other person. Keeping the emotions aside will help you not to get into conflict.

Emotional intelligence is a trait that great leaders harness in very early stages of their career. They know that getting the work done is a wee bit more than just telling the person to do it. It requires effective communication from both the ends which calls for you to understand what the person is like and how you can react to make him do things for you. And in this sense emotional intelligence can be a very powerful weapon.

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