How To Make Time For Your Employees?

Why Do Employees Need Your Time In The First Place?

  • Office morale: You will see a steep rise in office morale as you show more involvement around the office and the work of your teams.
  • Team engagement: When you try to increase your engagement in the workplace, be it with work talk or fun activities, you will also be inspiring your team to participate.
  • Motivation to work: As you take more interest in your employees’ work and performance, they take it as an opportunity to give even better results.
  • Collaboration: When you tend to mesh up with these employees, you bring into the picture, qualities of acceptance and as the team culture thrives, so does collaboration.

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Time To Make Some Time For The Team

#1 Time For Some One-on-one

  • It helps you develop a rapport with the employees which helps in the development of trust.
  • It also helps the employees open up and gain this new comfort zone with management.
  • Issues and concerns can also be brought to light, discussed, and solved with one-on-one communication.
  • And, it helps the whole team feel seen and valued.

#2 Say No To Extra Work

  • As leaders, we need to keep account of where exactly our time is being spent. Therefore, analyze what you are spending time on.
  • If your schedule is already packed, don’t try to jam another task in there.
  • Set a schedule or a timetable for every task so it is easy for you to know which meeting or task you can add to it.

#3 Prioritize Ruthlessly

  • You could start by going through your schedule and categorizing the tasks.
  • Try to put the recurring tasks as your first priority in the schedule.
  • According to deadlines, make way for the most important tasks in the second position and so on.
  • Minimize meetings that do not particularly yield great results.

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#4 Save Time For Brainstorming

  • It gives the employees a chance to shine by putting their best foot forward.
  • It helps the team learn more about the goals they share and are working towards.
  • It gives them the sense that they are valued team members whose inputs are being taken seriously.

#5 Follow Through With Punctuality

  1. Make timesheets.
  2. Track time corresponding to performance.
  3. Set timers.
  4. Schedule timely alerts.

#6 Use Time Management Tools

To Conclude

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