“I’m ready for positive action” — Let’s prepare you to stay motivated

In my last post, I talked about the importance of positive action over positive thinking. I am glad to receive an overwhelming response from so many readers through comments and personal messages.

However, I also received some confused replies from people who felt positive action is the result of nothing but positive thinking. Completely agree.

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But the tale doesn’t end at positive thinking only. We need courage, conviction, determination, focus, and guidance to transform positive thinking into action. Most of the people lack here. They may have an excellent plan, but it takes years of courage to begin working on it.

The reason is simple. Our lives are driven by fear and not by faith. We fear failure, loss of reputation, and indebtedness which keeps us away from pursuing our passion. And even if we happen to begin, we struggle to keep that spirit alive. Either negativity or failure will make us lose our temper and we end up going with the flow.

At times, even my team members come up and ask me How do I consistently stay motivated towards my goal? How do I handle negativity?

So, here’s are tips from my experiences for all those seeking consistent motivation and tired of fighting with negativity.

I know you may be like,”ugh, not again”. But I can’t stop myself from quoting the benefits of meditation. I will not mention here what researches have revealed about the benefits of meditation. I will simply talk about what it has been doing to me.

I used to be a person whom anyone can make feel terrible with few bad words. I found it hard to let go of the harsh feelings and handle my emotions. I had tons of ideas but my mind was never calm. For most part of the day, I felt indecisive (even while deciding about food), confused, and emotionally weak.

I am practicing meditation for last 4 years and it has completely changed me inside out. I am focused, determined, and clear about what I actually want. Now, nothing troubles me except my own mind which I handle with my practice.

My day begins with a 20 minute meditation and when I get back home from work again I slip into it for 20–25 minutes. This helps me wash off all impressions of the day and sleep with crystal clear mind. Meditation keeps me new every moment.

When you start your journey, there would be too many good things which will encourage you to move ahead. Also, there would be many bad things as well which can distract you as well. The struggle lies in dealing with the latter part.

When I started my business, I found a thousand obstacles in my way which made me feel I should give up. Sometimes, you get off your path not just because of the bad things but something else seems more lucrative.

For this, I have kept a big board in my room which lists out my goals and aims. Every time, I find it hard to move forward or feel something else may get me easy success, I take a quick look at that board.

So, the next thing you must do after reading this point is to pen down your goal and put it in bold letters right next to your desktop. Keep visiting it.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift…that’s why they call it present” ― Master Oogway (Kung Fu Panda)

The biggest reason of stress is worry for the future. When you are too much concerned about tomorrow you will always be unhappy.

So, the best thing is to make a list of things you can do today. Create a to-do list in the morning and revisit it in the evening. If there are tasks pending at the end of the day, you can include it in the next day’s list.

On the other hand, if you make a big list of things to be done in a month or over a period of one year, you are indirectly inviting stress.

Here comes a daring game.

Make list of everything that is the cause of fear in you and that stops you from moving ahead. Just be honest with yourself and pen down everything. Next, make a list of things which you can’t really do anything about. For instance you don’t have control over tomorrow’s weather.

Once you know about your fears and things which aren’t under your control, you actually achieve better control. Now, this is the time to plan and prepare for things you can do when situation gets out of control.

Considering the above example again. You don’t have control over tomorrow’s weather but you can use your experience or weather forecast and move out with an umbrella.

Similarly, if you fear about starting your own business then make a list of things you can ‘do’ to take it in the right direction. What I did was-made a list of people who would stand by me if I go bankrupt because this was my biggest fear.

In the end I would say just ‘believe in yourself’. Remember only the best and the best will happen to you. Not even the second best but the best. I know this sounds a bit vague.

Sometimes, it’s all you can do to stay motivated. Perhaps, this belief is my biggest strength.

All the best :)

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Originally published at YourStory.

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