Mastering The Art of Communication — 3 Tips for Speaking Right at Work

Communication is one of the most discussed topics in context of building business culture. It is something that comes naturally to us humans. But, when it comes to business communication we still lack effectiveness. In fact, stats show that more than one third of the times projects fail due to lack of communication.

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While scientists are still trying to figure out the intricacies of human communication and behavior, people like Tony Robbins are doing their bit to help people communicate better. They are helping people master the art of corporate communication.

In his words — “To effectively communicate, we must realize that we all are different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our conversation with others.” In fact last year in an interview during the making of Netflix Original Film — Tony Robbins — I Am Not Your Guru, Tony was quoted saying,”The number one reason people are ineffective speakers is because they’re focused on themselves. If you’re focused on yourself, then you can’t possibly connect with the audience.”

In this post, I’m going to talk about office communication. And how someone can master this art in the easiest possible manner.

Communication is an art

Why do we communicate? To put forward our message across someone — right? Think of it as a painter’s efforts to draw a picture to reflect his point of view. A painter draws a picture crafting each stroke with panache to create a masterpiece which captures the eye in an instant. In the same way, if you master the art of communication people are be bound to listen every time you speak.

But for that you must know how to utter purposeful words to put your point across. Just like an artist knows the right tools for painting a picture that the viewer can connect with.

How to master this art?

Anyone can become a master at office communication. All it takes is practice. And a little conscious effort to listen before you speak. Here are some tips that will help -

Choosing the right words

Vocabulary is your biggest asset when it comes to effective communication. A skillful painter knows which paintbrush is going to create which effect. As a person you must know which words are going to create what kind of impact.

A great example of this is the usage of slang during office communication. What might sound funny to you in slang might be sound offensive to someone else. Try to avoid it as much possible. Also, using office jargons while communicating with clients can confuse them. No one is going to understand your office jargons out of work. Try to keep it simple and effective.

Choosing appropriate, and meaningful words to put forward your point of view is the best way to become an effective communicator.

Choosing the right tone

The right words said in the wrong manner can do more damage than anything. A slight change in speaking tone can change the meaning of what you’ve said. Effective communication is all about the way you are able to weave your emotions into words. So that they can have a greater impact.

For instance, an excitement in the tone on receiving positive feedback from client can make the day for the team. But at the same time if you as a manager convey that message in a disinterested tone, no one in the team is going to enjoy and work with enthusiasm on the project than.

That’s just one of the so many examples of how communication can make a difference at work.

Choosing the right gestures

The biggest myth about communication is that it involves only words coming from a person. Your gestures are as big a part of communication as are the words you speak. For instance, you can use your hands to show what you are trying to say in a better way.

Keeping eye contact with the other person or persons while speaking reflects confidence. We all have met people whose eyes are looking around in a constant manner. The instant thought comes to our mind this person is not confident about what he’s trying to say here.

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Try these tips and get ready to see a positive change in your communication abilities at work!

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