The key to building a brand people will love

Every lock has its key, you just need to invest the right efforts to find it. That’s what you expect a leader to do. Whether it is the key to increasing the turnover or building a brand, you expect a leader to know where and how to find it.

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1. Know your brand value

No one can relate to your brand if it does not have any values to stand on. What’s the mission of your brand? What does your brand solve? These are some of the questions for which you need an answer first. You have to give the users some food for brain so that your brand can create space in their heart and brain.

But before feeding the users with your brand values, you need to define them for your team. Unless people working for your brand know those values, you cannot expect them to work on the same. So, defining values marks the first step to create a brand with which you can win hearts of people.

2. Create a brand essence

When someone talks about hunger, the name of Snickers comes to mind in an instant. Similarly when you talk about inspiration, Nike comes to mind. There are endless number of brands that have mastered the art of creating a brand essence people can relate to. You get my point?

If you want to make your business stand out of the crowd, you need to create a brand essence. And social media marketing can be your best friend in the same. Sources like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter can be a great way to spread your brand’s message and essence.

3. Identify brand audience

You build a brand for an audience. But a big mistake businesses make is that they work the other way around. They develop a business first and then search for its audience. This may work in some case. But if you want to create a brand presence in quick time, you need to identify the audience first.

After all, hit and trial might work once or twice. But, you cannot rely on it forever. Targeted marketing is always better than going haywire. So, to simplify the process of brand building, just identify your target audience. Analyze their behavior. And start working on strategies to carve a niche for your brand among them.

4. Commit and deliver

The one point where most business fail when it comes to brand building is commitment. No matter how good your plan is, it is of no use unless the team commits to deliver it with full heart. You might not get success in the initial phase, but you will eventually if you have run your metrics right.

Even if you don’t rather than giving up, try to find out what went wrong. Sort out the areas which you can improve and get back to implementing the plan with full zeal. Great brands became great because they chose a path and followed it religiously. If you want to be one, then commit yourself to not rest until you reach there.

Hear what your audience has to say

Brand building is a two way process. It involves you developing processes and strategies to win the heart of people. But at the same time you need to act and reciprocate as per their changing needs.

If one plan does not work, you cannot just wait for it to get rectified on its own. You and your marketing team needs to pull up the socks and get on with the remediation process.

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